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Wafer Works (Shanghai) Corporation (WWXS), formerly known as Shanghai Second Smelters Factory 901 founded by Shanghai Metallurgical Bureau in the 1960s, was the first production base for mass-produced integrated circuit silicon materials in China. In the 1990s, it was the first Chinese professional manufacturer that successfully exported semiconductor-grade silicon wafers to Europe and the Americas, and took the lead in stepping into the supply chain of the global silicon wafer market. Subsequently in 2004, it was renamed Wafer Works (Shanghai) Corporation and became a subsidiary of Wafer Works Corporation (Wafer Works, stock code: 6182). At the end of 2019, the company was restructured and established as a joint-stock limited company. It has four wholly-owned subsidiaries in China, including Wafer Works Epitaxial Corporation (WWXE), Wafer Works (Yangzhou) Corporation (WWXY), Wafer Works (Zhengzhou) Corporation (WWXZ), and Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone Waferworks Technology Corporation (WWXK) Corporation, ranking top among Chinese manufactures with mass production scales. Wafer Works (Shanghai) Corporation gathers professionals fromhome and abroad, accumulating rich experience in silicon material manufacturing with independent R&D capabilities, providing customers with the highest quality products and customized services. Wafer Works (Shanghai) Corporation currently serves as the executive director of China Electronic Materials Industry Association and the Deputy Chairman of China Semiconductor Materials Association,. and is committed to the development and promotion of China's semiconductor industry by introducing international leading technology and management to China




Wafer Works (Shanghai) Corporation is China's largest silicon epitaxial wafer suppliers, with complete independent research and development capabilities and mass production experience from crystal growth to epitaxy. The main products are 100mm-200mm semiconductor silicon wafers and silicon epitaxial wafers. In recent years, Wafer Works (Shanghai) Corporation has been actively developing 300mm silicon wafers and silicon epitaxial wafers. Customers are widely distributed in the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia and the greater China region. Wafer Works (Shanghai) Corporation is committed to providing global customers with high quality products and services, holding leadership position in the semiconductor industry.  about02

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